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photo of Dr. Zhang presenting at the press conference small Iowa map with land values by county

2015 Iowa Land Value Survey Results now available
The results of the 2015 survey show that the statewide average value of farmland fell by 3.9 percent ($310 per acre) from the historically high average in 2013. The average estimated value of Iowa farmland is now about $7,633 per acre.

January 25, 2016
The Coffee-Food Security Interface for Subsistence Households in Jimma Zone Ethiopia
John C. Beghin, Yalem Teshome

January 20, 2016
Do you remember? - Willi Meyers
Years at CARD: 1985–1998

January 19, 2016
Do you remember? - Stan Johnson
Years at CARD: 1983–1996

January 10, 2016
Do you remember? - Patrick Westhoff
Years at CARD: 1983–1992

December 16, 2015
Do you remember? - Junjie Wu
Years at CARD: 1994–1997

December 14, 2015
Farmland values fall for second consecutive year (news release)