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What's New

November 9, 2015
Trans-Pacific Partnership and Foreign Ag Subsidies
Dermot J. Hayes
October 20, 2015
Understanding Behavioral Explanations of the WTP-WTA Divergence Through a Neoclassical Lens: Implications for Environmental Policy
Annual Review of Resource Economics, Vol. 7; Younjun Kim, Catherine L. Kling, and Jinhua Zhao
October 19, 2015
CARD hosts National Science Foundation workshop (news brief)
September 8, 2015
How Much Ethanol Can Be Consumed in E85?
Sebastien Pouliot, Bruce A. Babcock
August 26, 2015
Land Use Change and Policy in Iowa’s Loess Hills
Gaurav Arora, Peter T. Wolter, David A. Hennessy, Hongli Feng